Monday, July 12, 2010

Surprise Surprise

The Mason County Board of Commissioners has decided once again to ignore the voice of the people.

They will not (yes I said NOT) hold a public forum on the potential health impacts of the biomass incinerator ADAGE proposes to build here in Mason County. According to a report by KMAS, Commissioner Ross Gallagher told 1030 KMAS News Thursday that the Commissioners decided the County's Health Officer will draft an information sheet on the proposal instead.

Why should we be given an opportunity to comment and ask questions? Here's what's at stake - our health, environment, community, and property values. This is a significant decision which will impact this county for decades to come.

By releasing an information paper, the commissioners won't be exposed to public feedback. The citizens of Mason County want to be heard on more than election day.


  1. Brenda,
    This makes me very angry because it appears that the commissioners are intent upon ruining our town with this incinerator. I'm most upset with Tim Sheldon. I think he's pushing this more than anyone else. I'm wondering about a signature drive-is there any way we can all sign a petition against Adage..just to show how many people are against it? I'm so worried that there's something we can do..yet don't know there any legal recourse? I know other cities have challenged Adage and they've backed off. It's just so terrible that there will be no public hearing on the health effects of this-I'm wondering if Annette McGee could give us some help. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Anonymous - there are information tables at the farmers market every Saturday, there will be an information booth at the Mason County Fair later this month, and there is an anti-Adage website where you can learn what is being done and what can be done by you, your family and your friends. Everyone you know who lives in Mason County (or Washington State for that matter?) and relies on fresh air to live should be looking into the medicine and the science behind this... poison belching dragon...

    I don't know what the Mason County Commissioners, or the PUD Commissioners, or the Port Commissioners breathe, but clean air is apparently not a priority for them or theirs.